Welcome to Biotensegrity 101!

The new and exciting science of biotensegrity is still emerging as a field. The aim here is to make it accessible to everyone.

The core of the curriculum will follow the book

Everything Moves: how biotensegrity informs human movement

upcoming from Handspring Publishing.

As the curriculum is being developed, comments and questions are welcome. Online one-on-one mentoring is also available. Please use the contact page.

What is biotensegrity?

Thr science of biotensegrity involves the study of tensegrity in biology. The leading global expert in biotensegrity is the science's founder, Stephen M. Levin, and his biotensegrity.com website is probably the best place to begin your adventures in biotensegrity.

Graham Scarr, an associate of Levin's, wrote the first book on biotensegriy, Biotensegrity: the structural basis of life. Scarr's book and his Tensegrity in Biology website are also excellent resources.

Denièle-Claude Martin wrote the 2nd-ever book on biotensegrity, Living Biotensegrity: the interplay of tension and compression in the body. Martin has been an associate of Levin for well over a decade, and co-founded the first-ever BIG (Biotensegrity Interest Group) with him in 2009; the group still meets annually in Europe.

The Stephen M Levin Biotensegrity Archive was established in 2015 to provide the science of biotensegrity and those who study it with an institutional home.

To learn more about tensegrity, a great place to start is Lionel Wolberger's TensegrityWiki,